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If you are thinking of visiting Savannah or just want to know how something is around the historic part of town then your barking up the right tree. This is your one stop shop to finding out whatever you would like to know. The reason I know that is is because if you ask me to check something out for you, I will. I have already started out figuring out what places are good to eat and reviewing everything from thrift stores to tours here. If there is something you would like to know more about then please leave a comment and I be on my to finding an answer for you! There are three rules to this game though:

1. It must be safe
2. It must be legal
3. It must be in historic Savannah which means between Martin Luther King Blvd on the west, East Broad on the East, Park Ave on the South, and River St. on the North.
There is a map below of the area I review.

Please let me help you make the most of your time in this beautiful city of Savannah!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Pirates House

Ahoy, me Hearties! Today’s adventure lead me to a place known for its history of the “herb room” and the pirate visitors that came here nearly 300 years ago. The walls of the dining area were dark wood that I was told were hundreds of years old. History lovers and pirate seekers flock to this place for its history. And it is best that way.

The food I endured today is no reason to visit this place. As ordered to I had the Slick Chick for lunch and although the French fries were wonderful the chicken was not. Lets first explore the fries. They were probably the best tasting ones I have had in years! The outside was crunchy and inside soft with the perfect taste to them. And when I had my first bite I thought damn, these are wonderful. It was during the second bite that I realized that they were not hot! Granted they were not like ice but still they were not hot and barely warm at that. But it left me wondering, if they were that good luke warm, how good are they hot!

The Slick Chick sandwich on the other hand had no excuse for itself. The edges were burnt which left a taste of charcoal in my mouth and it was plain uneventful. No explosions on wonder felt here. With the onions sautéed I would think they would have at least helped but they really did not. This sandwich was lacking flavor. Barbeque, butter garlic, or anything would have helped it. I would have just loved ot run into the kitchen and figured out something to make it pop with flavor. When I go out to eat I like to have something to remember the food by and charcoal is not it. I would gladly return to this place and help the kitchen make this place memorable.

After I finished eating I wandered around in search of this history which is displayed on the placemat in front of me. I found ceilings that made me feel sorry for anyone over 6 feet tall and the stench of tourism all around me. While some places can pull it off rather well this is not included in that group. While waiting for my food I noticed multiple trolleys stop in front of the place and I can see that is most likely where they get their business. But to be honest most Chili’s and other chain restaurants have better food which after all is why I went there.

Overall if I were visiting Savannah I would skip this stop on the trolley and find other dining. That is unless one of two things happens.

1. You or your kid is infatuated with pirates.
2. They get someone in there who can give their menu something to scream about.

There are so many good places to eat here and this is just not on my list of them. But in all fairness I would call and order their French fries to go because they were pretty damn good!


  1. No seriously, Go around town finding theremometers, so you can tell your Windy City friends how warm it is here.

  2. wish you had told me your meal was cold and bad. I would of fixed it- Your- waitress. (I wouldn't of recommended the chix sandwich)