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If you are thinking of visiting Savannah or just want to know how something is around the historic part of town then your barking up the right tree. This is your one stop shop to finding out whatever you would like to know. The reason I know that is is because if you ask me to check something out for you, I will. I have already started out figuring out what places are good to eat and reviewing everything from thrift stores to tours here. If there is something you would like to know more about then please leave a comment and I be on my to finding an answer for you! There are three rules to this game though:

1. It must be safe
2. It must be legal
3. It must be in historic Savannah which means between Martin Luther King Blvd on the west, East Broad on the East, Park Ave on the South, and River St. on the North.
There is a map below of the area I review.

Please let me help you make the most of your time in this beautiful city of Savannah!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Old Town Trolley Tour of Savannah

With the ringing of the trolley bell I stepped aboard today’s journey. But before ringing marked the start o f the day I met a wonderful lady named Ms. Laura at the City Market Visitors Booth. She stood no more than five feet tall but she had a heart that could sense from a mile away. After she sold me my ticket she led me out of the shadowed city market and onto a side street where the trolley would soon be arriving. There she stood with me until that trolley came and told me about the tour that I was about to have. It was truly a wonderful way to start to my ride with Old Town Trolley Tours in Savannah.

At first I thought the pricing was kind of high for a trolley ride. I mean come on $25 for adults and $10 for children 4–12 years old. But as I got on the trolley and began my tour I started to change my mind on what it would be worth to someone who was visiting for a weekend or even a week. This tour allowed for me to get all around the historic district and was narrated by the driver with jokes being told and at one point he even broke out into song. It was not just a tour but rather a ride to all over town and entertainment along the way. So the price ended up being fitting for the experience.

Now when you are looking to go on a tour here there are a few choices you have. There is the tour which I took today, the Old Savannah Tour, the carriage ride tours, and even haunted tours (tomorrow evening I will be partaking in the Haunted Irish Pub Tour). From what I can tell this tour appeared to be maybe a step above the others but until I try them all I cannot say that for certain.

Ringing of a bell in the distance let me know that this ride was about to get going. I stepped on to the bus and a gust of warm air defrosted my chilled body. I took a seat in the middle of the bus and with a short welcome from the driver, Don, we were on our way.

First we headed down towards the river with a bumpy ride on the cobblestone. My backpack was jumping on the seat next to me and then it started. That feeling of nausea I get when traveling. This was not a thought that had crossed my mind when preparing for the day but here it came. My first thought was where are the barf bags that are so conveniently located in the seat pocket in front of you on airplanes? There were not there. But how often is there someone with such bad motion sickness as mine? Word to the wise here, if you get motion sickness, experiencing morning sickness, or hung over, do yourself a favor and get some Dramamine unless you are pregnant then maybe you should sit this one out. All I kept telling myself was, press on!!!

Don was truly amazing with how he could drive and keep telling all the history we were seeing from our seats. There were plenty of stops for those who wished to get off and look around. This was very nice about the on and off tour because once you got off the trolley, another one would be by in 20 minutes and you could continue on sightseeing. The ride went on and despite the wonderful narration I was delighted when we reached stop number one and we had fifteen minutes at the visitor’s center. This gave me time to grab some crackers and prepare my stomach for the next lag of the tour. Time flew by and I was pressing on to the birth place of Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace. One stop later I was there and once again glad for solid ground.

Now my trolley driver told us the place was closed for renovations but I got off anyway to take some pictures. It is typical for business and museums to close for a January to do renovations and prepare for the upcoming tourist season. I noticed some men moving things out of the building from behind and was lucky enough to speak to an employee. I will be working on getting in next week to tour the place that girl scouts flock to so keep an eye open and you will see me blogging about it soon.

Shortly after leaving Juliette I was astonished at the ease of just hopping on the next trolley that pulled up. More history was pointed out and the humor was good for the next eight stops. When I reached back to my starting point I have to say I was running off the bus due to motion sickness. This was not the reaction of anyone else on the tour but if you have motion sickness it really is not a bad idea to take something.

If you are looking to get lots of history in one day this tour was great. The humor was good and the other passengers were lighthearted and having a good time. Just one thing before you run down here and hop on Old Town Trolley Tour, TURN YOUR PHONE OFF PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

A tourist enjoying the ability to take remember a historical landmark without even getting out of her seat!

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