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If you are thinking of visiting Savannah or just want to know how something is around the historic part of town then your barking up the right tree. This is your one stop shop to finding out whatever you would like to know. The reason I know that is is because if you ask me to check something out for you, I will. I have already started out figuring out what places are good to eat and reviewing everything from thrift stores to tours here. If there is something you would like to know more about then please leave a comment and I be on my to finding an answer for you! There are three rules to this game though:

1. It must be safe
2. It must be legal
3. It must be in historic Savannah which means between Martin Luther King Blvd on the west, East Broad on the East, Park Ave on the South, and River St. on the North.
There is a map below of the area I review.

Please let me help you make the most of your time in this beautiful city of Savannah!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Best Second Hand Store???

Goodwill on Broughton Street

Civvies New and Recycled Clothing

Blessingdale Thrift Store

So today I spent the day walking around looking for the best second hand store. Thanks to none other then my mom! After walking for 2.5 hours I was done. I never thought that I would see ice anywhere besides in a cup here. But to my surprise it was on the street and on the edges on fountains that were running. BS if you ask me!

So there were three main places that I found today. #1 if you are looking to buy some amazing clothing, Civves New & Recycled Clothing. This place has an amazing mix of new and old with amazing fine vintage. If you are looking for something great that no one else has, I would look no further then here. The price tags are all labeled so you can tell exactly if you are buying something new, recycled, vintage, or fine vintage. Now let us talk cash! This place is amazing with how clean everything is, organized, and chic, but with that comes a price tag. You will not find a dress here for $5.00 like other second hand shops. Clothing here ranges from $15 - $40 on average yet it is worth every penny.

Second on my list is Blessingdale Thrift Store. The smell of old hits you as you pass through the threshold of the store. This place has fantastic prices for the inventory with includes books, clothing, furniture, and everything you could think of. This was the only store on my list where you can find anything! You can get a dresser for $100 and wedding dress for even less. Currently they have all of their wedding dresses for 50% off. Sure they are a bit out of date but be creative and cut the sleeves off and you could have a great dress for $50. What an amazing deal!!

Now if you are looking for just plain simple used clothing check out the Goodwill on Broughton Street. Beyond the clinking of hangers you will find dresses that are from the 70's and clothing that will match the punk fashion of today. Or maybe that is puke fashion. If you are looking for something besides clothing I would suggest you look elsewhere. Due to their lack of space, they really only carry clothing and maybe a few other small items on the six small shelves at the rear of the store.
Over all the stamp of best second hand store North of Forsyth goes to Blessingdale Thrift Store. It has the price tag that makes you happy and such a variety of things that you are sure to find what you are looking for.


  1. ok. i am so not good with directions so i hope this is within your limits!

    Go to The Pirates' House and order a "Slick Chick" with your choice of drink. You must ORDER with a pirates accent and take a picture with your server. good luck. :)

  2. Go To: The Haunted Irish Pub & Ghost Tour