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If you are thinking of visiting Savannah or just want to know how something is around the historic part of town then your barking up the right tree. This is your one stop shop to finding out whatever you would like to know. The reason I know that is is because if you ask me to check something out for you, I will. I have already started out figuring out what places are good to eat and reviewing everything from thrift stores to tours here. If there is something you would like to know more about then please leave a comment and I be on my to finding an answer for you! There are three rules to this game though:

1. It must be safe
2. It must be legal
3. It must be in historic Savannah which means between Martin Luther King Blvd on the west, East Broad on the East, Park Ave on the South, and River St. on the North.
There is a map below of the area I review.

Please let me help you make the most of your time in this beautiful city of Savannah!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lulu's Chocolate Bar... YUMMY!

This adventure was blessed with the company of a new friend from Savannah, Patty. And am I glad she joined me. Now I know I was predestined to get the chocolate covered strawberries and raspberry espresso martini but Patty wanted more. The flour less chocolate torte was the dream of every girl suffering with PMS. Guys do yourself a favor and buy this stuff in bulk to keep for those days. I just had to get that out of the way right off the bat because it was truly spectacular.

Now to the Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries. First off you have three choices. White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. What ever chocolate you decide to endulge yourself with, I had the sampler so one of each, the strawberry inside tasted like the one I have picked fresh from garden. You take a bite and juices overflow into your mouth. After just moments the chocolate melts and mixes with the juices into an explosion of wonder and bliss. All that in your mouth! Talk about good! Men, are you getting the hint here?

Happy hour is my friend! With those two words a $10 martini drops to $7. I had the raspberry espresso martini and honestly I can say it is not my cup of martini. It was adorable with its four espresso beans floating on top and slight foam surrounding the rim. But when I think martini I think stiff drink made with gin or vodka. Maybe with a splash sour to them. To me this was more of a mixed drink which I feel sadly what the word martini has become. Martini to me means no mixers allowed. If you do want mixer it should be no more then a splash with equals to no more then 1/4 ounce.

Would I go back here? Every month when I have my period works for me. Despite my dislike in the drink, the chocolate deserts were just too good never go back for not to mention the atmosphere that was just my style. The live band was a bit loud but you still could hear from across the table. The crowd was a bit older 40's+ but there was some younger eye candy that came in as I was walking out the door. Yummy eye candy and the chocolate = WINNER ;)

Thank you Patty for the chocolate, drink, and most of all your company!!!

If you could put heaven on earth, it would be found in here!
Patty's view for the evening, ME!!!
Birthday's do not go forgotten here. A chocolate dipped strawberry with a single candle and in chocolate syrup it is simply put "Happy Birthday!"


  1. You need to visit Jepson a Telfair Museum. You need to find a piece of artwork that you feel relates to your new start in Savanna. Good Luck! :)

  2. Take an Old Town Trolley Tour of Savannah. The Tour is Called Historic Trolley Tour With On & Off Privileges. Please take a FUNNY picture in front of the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. Since she was the founder of the Girl Scouts. See if they offer Girl Scout Cookies!!

  3. find a fortune teller and let us know what your future holds.

  4. Universal Salvage is one of the greatest places in Savannah! It's been a long time since I've been there, but my family (including the two kids) can spend a whole day in there and not see everything. It's across the square from Vinnie Van Go-Go's - home of Savannah's best pizza (they only take cash though!) Hope this helps! Have a great time!